AniClare is an African contemporary clothing brand founded by Anita, a young fashion designer from Nigeria. The brand is a manifestation of her cultural heritage, you can see this through the prints used, textile and the unique designs of the garments and accessories. Anita dreams of creating with a purpose through fashion and arts and believes in the power of collaboration and empowering women in her community. 

At Ani Clare we pride ourselves in sourcing our fabrics and material around Africa and working with adept local artisans to make these unique garments and accessories. Every piece is designed to tell a story and give you a feel of African royalty.

AniClare designs promote the diversity and the beauty of the African culture by infusing African tribal prints, royalty style and art in a very evolved modern and stylish way. All AniClare designs are custom-made, each design is uniquely tailored to the customer


AniClare is also passionate about her community and always works hard to support or help the underprivileged community where she can. For any enquiries and to follow on her story and recent work you can find her on Instagram @ani.clare Or shop at https://aniclare.shop/ Email orders@aniclare.sho