A New COVID-19 World

COVID-19 is affecting the fashion industry especially the small businesses

Welcome to my first ever blog post,

when I imagined my first post and the launch of my website, I didn’t foresee this pandemic happening. However we are doing our best to remain positive as individuals.

One thing that has been on everyone’s minds though is how we would all survive as we can see a lot of businesses, big and small being forced to close until further notice (which we are all anticipating for).

Big corporate businesses are having to reduce their number of workers, as there is a cease of the in flow of cash and their inability to pay their staff, frightening right?! Where are these people supposed to find jobs in these trying times? 

Well this is the case for thousands of people and families who heavily rely on these cooperate firms/businesses. Now what about small businesses that do not sell what we consider as essentials?

Another question is what is the way forward, and how can we as individuals help in this period?

To me this is a time to get even more creative, and the design industry should be taken more seriously in this time.

Well there’s a few of us, like myself that can rely on the skills of sewing to try to earn a living, one being making masks which are considered essentials in this time. As a small designer, I am unable to employ a lot people (which I hope will change) but the fact that I am still able to create is a gift from God. Now imagine bigger design companies who have more machinery and can make essentials for even hospitals. Things such face masks, scrubs and face shields made with PVC are produced by small and big factories every other day for the people that are at the forefront fighting for our safety.

I think the way forward is that we should all learn to support small creative businesses more and to learn skills that we generally do not always deem Important, example being sewing. These skills come in handy in trying times like today.

I decided to make some masks out of the scrap fabrics I had at home, Got some Vilene fusing for filtering (you can use vacuum bag or coffee filters too) in between the fabrics to make a double layered reversible mask, they are washable, reusable and the best part is recycled.

I made a matching outfit and went out into the sun to take some really cool photos! (first sample of masks were a little too big, lol)

The masks are available for different ages and vary in prices, and for the rest of the pandemic we (my partner and I) are cooking and giving away food to the homeless on Sundays. We are glad we are able to give back during this crisis.

We hope to keep people feeling hopeful and positive and we hope you are too!

Lots of love

Ani xoxo

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