African Art & collage postcards

During a recent project, I had to design a mood board that inspired my entry (it was for a competition). After designing this mood board, I thought it would be so cool to have postcards, posters, gift/birthday cards with this type of art.

As a designer we are always thinking about cool ways to create awareness through our designs too, the design and mood board i did is inspired by the strength of real working women of Africa. When you google working women in Africa, especially in the rural areas, you tend to see quite uninspiring pictures of women performing hard labour in huge plantations. Although this isn’t bad and may be a reality of some, I thought to make it more colourful, cheerful and beautiful using Photoshop and photos from the internet that inspired me.

As an African woman born and raised in the hustle bustle of Lagos, Nigeria. I am always inspired by my heritage and how strong our African mothers are, from how they carried their children on their backs going about their daily activities, to pounding local foods in a mortar in their houses and local restaurants to carrying their baskets filled with products to sell at the market to enable them sustain themselves and their families.

All while looking as graceful as possible, we know African people have always had a distinct way of dressing, their garments are designed and tailored in elaborate ways and in such a way that it allows easy movement, while going about their daily lives.

The prints in the background are the original Dutch wax African prints that were sourced in my last trip to Lagos. I chose these colours because they represent the vibrancy of summer. The yellow is fun, light, and summery, while the burnt orange is more earthy and grounded.

Although I do not think I can sell these at the moment (because of the pictures used), as some may have copyrights, most of the original pictures were made to sell. I may have to arrange my own shoots to create cute & spectacular cards. Would you be interested in something like this?

I will give an update version of these products as soon as I am sure.

But this will be the price if I will put it on the shop, so look out for it!

Birthday card A4 folded R60

Birthday card A5 folded R50

Postcard R45

Poster A3 85

Poster A2 R99

Should you have a special request, pop us an email and we will be sure to get back to you.

Love Ani x

Original photocreds; 1. Cuisine Africaine Dakar Senegal 2013. 2. Seydou Keita 1950’s 3. Word traveller, 08/04/2010 segou Mali.

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